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Sample Trip Quotes

To give you a ballpark idea, here are some sample quotes for requests we’ve gotten from our customers:

Youth Soccer Team Day Trip

Trip #1:

A youth soccer team in Ventura wants to take a day trip to Disneyland. Their coach rents a 56 passenger charter bus for the group of 40 players and parents. The total trip is 140 miles roundtrip and takes about 5 hours including time at the park. He rents the bus for 8 hours total from 6am-2pm on a weekend in June. The rate for this bus is $150 per hour plus 10% fuel surcharge. The total quote comes out to $1,260 for the bus rental plus $126 fuel surcharge, totaling $1,386. The coach tips the driver 15% for providing excellent service, adding another $207 to the total cost. So the total for this Ventura to Disneyland charter bus rental comes out to $1,593, making it only $40 per passenger. This covers all transportation and makes for a fun, safe trip for the team.

Day Trip for 30 Students

Trip #2:

A local community college in Ventura plans a day trip for 30 students to visit UC Santa Barbara. The group needs roundtrip transportation from Ventura to UC Santa Barbara, a distance of about 35 miles each way. For a high-end coach bus rental for this short 1-day trip, we would quote around $95 per hour, with a 5 hour minimum. This factors in pickup and dropoff time, plus time spent touring the campus. At 5 hours for a 30-passenger bus, the total cost would be around $1,425 for the day. We do not employ drivers directly, so the college would either provide their own driver or pay extra for us to supply one. The all-inclusive quote simplifies trip planning and provides safe, comfortable transportation for the students’ educational visit.

Day Trip to Santa Barbara for Staff

Trip #3:

A local non-profit in Ventura wanted to organize a day trip to Santa Barbara for their staff and volunteers as a thank you for their hard work. They needed transportation for 35 people from Ventura to Santa Barbara and back. We provided a quote for a 38-passenger minibus rental for the day, picking up at their office in Ventura at 9 AM and dropping off at 7 PM after a fun day exploring Santa Barbara. The total driving distance was estimated at 100 miles roundtrip. We quoted them $1,650 for the 10 hour rental, which came out to around $47 per person. This covered all fees for the luxury minibus, fuel, insurance, and our professional drivers. The non-profit was thrilled with the reasonable price and customer service, and happily booked the minibus for their organization’s day trip.

Group Take a Day Trip

Trip #4:

A group in Ventura wants to take a day trip to Magic Mountain theme park during summer break. Their coach rents a 56-passenger charter bus to pick up the team and parents at the school parking lot and drive them roundtrip to Magic Mountain, located 90 miles away. The total trip is estimated to take 14 hours roundtrip. She receives a quote for $2,450 to rent the large charter bus for that full day, which comes out to only $44 per person for the group. The coach decides to book the bus and figures she will collect $50 per family to cover the cost. She knows the luxury coach will allow the kids to comfortably enjoy the scenic drive along the coast up to Magic Mountain, have plenty of room for gear, and provide a professional charter bus driver so parents can relax during the day trip.

Coworkers Plan a Team Outing

Trip #5:

A group of 20 coworkers at a startup company in Ventura plan a team outing to Santa Barbara for the day. They want to do some wine tasting, visit the beach, and explore the Funk Zone art galleries. For convenient transportation, they decide to rent a 20 passenger charter bus from Ventura to Santa Barbara and back. The total roundtrip distance is about 100 miles. They rent the bus for 8 hours from 9am-5pm on a Saturday in June. The quote for their minibus rental is $140 per hour plus 10% fuel surcharge, totaling $1,260. They also tip their driver 15% at the end of the trip for excellent service, adding $189 to the total cost. The all-inclusive price per person ends up being around $85. Their charter bus rental allows them all to relax and enjoy Santa Barbara without having to worry about driving or parking.

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